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Have business idea but don't know where or how to start? " The Build a Side Hustle" Blueprint is good for starting, building and sometimes maintaining a business. This workbook will help you a get a clearer understanding for your business identity and how to move forward with making successful steps. This bundle includes the following :


The Business Profile aka Plan:

The Business Profile section will help you evaluate your business idea before the plan. Is it a money making idea or a one hit wonder? Before you to start writing a business plan, you want to map out your business idea first. This will help you get a clearer vision of where you want to go with your business and how you want to execute your next steps.

-Help you discover your Purpose

-Help you discover your Dream Client

-Help you discover your future plans

-Help you map out your finances

-Help with Business Ideas


Branding 101:

Don't know where to start? Need help with logo, colors, branding or re-branding, etc? The Branding 101 section will help you step by step with ideas to branding or re branding your business. 

-What is branding? Why its important? How is it important to your business?

-Color moods of branding

-The Logo Mock-up

-A list of websites and apps to help you design logos, fonts, stock photos, social media schedulers


Marketing Like a Boss:

Don't know how to market your brand on social media? Need help with creative ideas on how to push your brand that gives results? The Market like a Boss section is a social media marketing tool kit to market like a pro.

-Weekly social media planner schedule

-30-day Content Calendar

-25 Marketing Strategies


The Business Planner:

Need help with staying organized and map out your business identity? Don't understand how to go about legalizing your business? The Business Planner can help you plan for success! The Business Planner section helps you plan and stay organized with no hiccups!

-The Business profile sheet

-Ideas on building your business marketing outlets

- A Password Keeper

-A Year at a Glance

-A month at a Glance

- Steps on how to legalize your business

You'll get 1 PDF

"The Build a Side Hustle" Blueprint

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